A succinct, captivating description of your book is your single-most important marketing tool. Publishing houses will provide you with this critical content. Independent authors, though, have two options: crafting copy on their own or paying a professional to do it for them. If you’re considering taking the latter route, I can help. Below you’ll find samples of my work, both for Harlequin authors and Widdershins Edits clients. Enjoy! 


His secrets almost killed her. Her secrets may destroy them both. 

Kai is recovering from a near-death experience when she realizes something isn’t right. Her body is healing, but her mind no longer feels quite like her own. Her telepathic powers are changing, too. She can’t trust herself. The darkness growing inside of her pushes her to use her telepathy as a weapon. 

Oliver clings to the hope that he can save their marriage, even though he was the one who put her life in jeopardy. As his wife slips further and further away from him, he becomes increasingly obsessed with bringing the man who ruined his life to justice. 

The sequel to The Six Train to Wisconsin is a genre-defying tale of love and consequences. Once again, award-winning author Kourtney Heintz seamlessly weaves suspense and paranormal intrigue into a real-world setting, creating characters rich in emotional and psychological complexity.

Pilot and investigative reporter Nola Mitchell is on the assignment of a lifetime when she stumbles into a story more sensational than anything she’s ever covered. 

Forced to crash-land on an uncharted island in the South Pacific, she discovers a hidden paradise, a last resort for those wealthy enough to leave the world behind—forever. 

Actors and aristocrats, politicians and musicians… All supposedly dead, all very much alive, and all under the protection of an elite security force that will do anything to protect their shared secret. 

But Nola can’t let her mother live with the heartbreak of her imagined death, and she searches for an escape through unlikely allies as desperate as she is. 

When she starts falling for the man who must kill her if she tries to leave, she’s faced with an impossible decision: turn her back on true love, or face a menacing director hell-bent on exterminating her. 

With Under the Legend, debut novelist Carolina Carter explores the tough choices of a powerful woman trying to make an impact on the world. In this fast-paced romantic thriller, she ingeniously balances the human desires for fulfillment, fame, and connection with the perils of each. If you like Danielle Steele, Sandra Brown, or Patricia Cornwell, then you’ll love this book that combines their best traits in this captivating island adventure. 


Back in her hometown, Paige Becker has one goal: to prove her brother didn't murder his wife. But as she begins her hunt for the real killer, a truck runs her off the road, and Paige is convinced it was no accident. Now her old flame, Seth Garrison—the detective who put her brother in jail—is in charge of the investigation into the wreck. Seth doesn't believe Paige was intentionally targeted…until someone begins stalking her, and a woman who might have information is murdered. In order to unmask the murderer, they must dig into a shadowy and painful past—a past that once drove them apart. But is the killer out for revenge against Paige's brother, or did Seth put the wrong man behind bars?


Damnation is John Severne's inheritance, and stalking the accursed his legacy. Kat D'Arcy has her own ill-starred birthright. The strange gift that runs along her maternal line dooms her to a life trapped between daemons and those who pursue them. But Severne is unlike any daemon hunter she's ever known. The Brimstone in his blood arouses every fiber of her being. 

For Severne, Kat is the key to his salvation…until she becomes much more than that. As the ultimate danger closes in on them both, Severne must decide if he can abuse Kat's trust—and betray his own heart.

They want revenge. They need each other. 

Detective Bobbie Gentry has one objective: to stop the serial killer who robbed her of her husband, her child and her life. Nick Shade understands Bobbie's pain—and her desire for vengeance. He's on a mission of his own, and the murderer known as the Storyteller is next on his list. Nick knows that the best way to find his target is to stick close to Bobbie. But as she becomes more and more reckless in her attempts to lure the Storyteller out of hiding, he has to make a choice. Will he protect her from herself even if it means passing up the chance to take out one more monster? As for Bobbie, she's forced to decide just how much she can trust this stranger who knows so much about her. And both of them are about to learn whether or not two broken people can save each other.

She tried to ignore them. But some things won't be ignored.

Kat Preston doesn’t believe in ghosts. Not because she’s never seen one, but because she saw one too many. Refusing to believe is the only way to protect herself from the ghost that tried to steal her life. Kat’s disbelief keeps her safe until her junior year at McTernan Academy, when a research project for an eccentric teacher takes her to a tiny, private island off the coast of Connecticut. 

The site of a grisly mystery, the Isle of Acacia is no place for a girl who ignores ghosts, but the ghosts leave Kat little choice. Accompanied by her research partner, Evan Kingsley, she investigates the disappearance of Cassie Mallory and Sebastian Radcliffe on their wedding night in 1886. Evan’s scientific approach to everything leaves Kat on her own to confront a host of unbelievables: ancestral curses, powerful spells, and her strange connection to the ghosts that haunt Castle Creighton. 

But that’s all before Kat’s yanked through a magic portal and Evan follows her. When the two of them awaken 129 years in the past with their souls trapped inside the bodies of two wedding guests, everything changes. Together, Kat and Evan race to stop the wedding-night murders and find a way back to their own time—and their own bodies—before their souls slip away forever.

Can a fire-breathing shape-shifter melt a Norse battle maidens heart?

As a Valkyrie, Tyra was created for one purpose: to reap souls for Odins army. After centuries of walking among mortal warriors, she finally discovers what it is to want a man during a chance encounter with a dragon in human form.

Bron has no part in the war between the demons and the gods chosen people—nor does he want one. Finally free from the oppressive rule of the dragon queen, he desires nothing more than his independence. But, when Tyra is betrayed, he finds he has no choice but to take a side in the struggle between good and evil.

Once he joins the battle, Bron is subject to the Fates, whom Tyra serves. Will she defy the will of the gods to spare the dragon she loves?

Jacob was time out of sync, time more perfect than it had been. He was life the way it was supposed to be all those years ago. Thats what all the Returned were.

Harold and Lucille Hargraves lives have been both joyful and sorrowful in the decades since their only son, Jacob, died tragically at his eighth birthday party in 1966. In their old age theyve settled comfortably into life without him, their wounds tempered through the grace of time…. Until one day Jacob mysteriously appears on their doorstep—flesh and blood, their sweet, precocious child, still eight years old. 

All over the world people's loved ones are returning from beyond. No one knows how or why this is happening, whether its a miracle or a sign of the end. Not even Harold and Lucille can agree on whether the boy is real or a wondrous imitation, but one thing they know for sure: hes their son. As chaos erupts around the globe, the newly reunited Hargrave family finds itself at the center of a community on the brink of collapse, forced to navigate a mysterious new reality and a conflict that threatens to unravel the very meaning of what it is to be human. 

With spare, elegant prose and searing emotional depth, award-winning poet Jason Mott explores timeless questions of faith and morality, love and responsibility. A spellbinding and stunning debut, The Returned is an unforgettable story that marks the arrival of an important new voice in contemporary fiction.

History has no mercy. 

“Don’t forget the old ways, Carlin. Teach them to your own daughter, when she comes. I’ve seen her, and she’s strong—maybe strong enough to save us all.” 

Reunited after almost two decades, Gretchel Bloome and Eli Stewart are just learning to be together again when secrets from their past—secrets they’ve kept from each other and secrets others have kept from them—threaten to destroy their fragile happiness. Even as Eli’s relationship with Gretchel is tested, his bond with Gretchel’s daughter grows deeper. Then the malign spirit that has haunted the women in Gretchel’s family for centuries begins to stalk Ame, and Eli discovers the key to the mysterious prophecy his mother has been obsessively researching for more than forty years… After a series of stunning revelations from Miss Poni, the family matriarch, Gretchel, Eli, and Ame are forced to reconsider everything they think they know about themselves—and each other. Will their love survive? And will Ame be tough enough to fight the curse that has plagued her family for generations? With The Witches of Snyder Farm, Lenora Henson continues the multivolume epic she began with The Wicked Garden.

A prophecy brought them together. A curse tore them apart. 

Gretchel Shea is a beautiful woman with a lovely family, a gorgeous house, and a country-club membership. As far as her neighbors are concerned, she’s living the dream. It’s just that the dream she’s living is not her own, and a nightmare festers beneath all the luxury. 

Eli Stewart has never gotten over Gretchel. He’s spent the seventeen years since she left him building the semblance of a life, but a chance encounter unsettles him from this comfortably numb existence, stirs memories he’s tried to bury, and compels him to seek out his lost love.

As Gretchel and Eli stumble towards each other, forces—human and otherwise—rally to keep them apart. Will they find the strength to create their own future, or will they succumb to a cycle of violence that reverberates through the centuries?

The first volume in a multigenerational saga with roots in the witch trials of the 1600s, The Wicked Garden explores the role of mythic resonance and familial inheritance in our lives, and asks if it’s possible for the present to heal the past.