Professional Experience

2012 – Present

Evaluate manuscripts for quality and marketability. Guide authors through the editorial process, offering help with plot, pacing, and character development. Perform comprehensive line edits, preparing manuscripts for publication.

2004 – Present

Engage in all phases of the writing process, from concept to research to production. Collaborate with editors in developing story ideas and refining finished pieces. Review copy for grammar, punctuation, and conformity with house style.

Decider (2016 - Present) 

Review children’s programming and other content for site devoted to helping users find the best shows and movies available on-demand now. Part of the Post Digital Network. 

Kirkus Reviews (2014 - Present) 

Write fair and insightful critiques of forthcoming fiction for one of the publishing industry’s premiere publications. Specialize in experimental and international fiction. 

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd (2012 – Present) 

Produce informative, persuasive description of book for back cover and jacket flaps, ever-mindful of Harlequin’s brand and this publishing house’s intense connection with readers.  Specialize in paranormal romance.

Women’s Review of Books (2009 – Present) 

Compose knowledgeable, articulate, and thought-provoking articles about women’s writing for Wellesley College’s pioneering literary journal. 

  • Considered the work of Elizabeth Harrower upon its recent repackaging for an American audience. 
  • Crafted appreciation of two-time Booker Prize-winner Hilary Mantel’s oeuvre after publication of Bring Up the Bodies
  • Identified Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad as a superlative piece of fiction prior to her Pulitzer Prize.
  • Completed the delightfully daunting task of reviewing Lydia Davis’s collected stories
  • Debuted with a review of Wetlands, a controversial German novel. 

B-Word Publications (2004 – Present) 

Contribute feature-length articles, book reviews, and blog posts to not-for-profit magazine offering a feminist perspective on popular culture. 

  • Presented the official B-Word take on such phenomena as Bratz Babyz, appetite-suppressing lip gloss, and the paranormal romance novels of Virginia Kantra.
  • Pitched and published feature on chick lit that has been cited in subsequent studies of the genre.


Borders group
1999 – 2007 

Freelance Writer (2004 – 2007)

Wrote copy for email newsletters and in-store publications. Worked with buyers and publishers to create supporting content for store website. Reviewed all material for grammar, punctuation, and conformity with house style. 

  • Leveraged knowledge of literary world and bookselling business to generate high-impact copy. 
  • Delivered immaculate content while consistently meeting deadlines.

Managing Editor - BordersMail (1999 – 2004) 

Oversaw production and delivery of e-mail newsletters and other promotional e-mail messages for international bookselling chain. Collaborated with buyers to coordinate electronic marketing initiatives with in-store programming. Represented marketing department in meetings with publishers and at industry events. Created content for 4 newsletters and related collateral for Website. Partnered with publishers, publicists, and authors to develop original content for newsletters and Website. Proofed and edited content created by authors and junior editors. Supervised and coached team of 3. 

  • Oversaw the launch of Borders’ e-mail marketing program.
  • Grew opt-in e-mail newsletter list from 0 subscribers to more than 1 million.
  • Consistently generated compelling original content.
  • Interviewed numerous authors, including Umberto Eco, A.S. Byatt, David Sedaris, and Hilary Mantel


Community High, Ann Arbor
2002 – 2004 

Delivered classroom instruction, making complex concepts and material accessible to young audience. Created assignments and evaluated student work. Mentored students on individual projects.

  • Developed and taught semester-long classes in Gothic literature, the history of food, and the history of gender.
  • Established and sustained learning culture of critical inquiry.
  • Maintained excellent rapport with students, particularly with those who joined me for multiple semesters.



Master of Arts in English Language and Literature
Central Michigan University (In Progress)

Areas of concentration: Folklore, Literary Theory, Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in Religion
Bryn Mawr College (2007)

Areas of concentration: New Testament, Early Christianity, Women in Early Christianity, Non-canonical Texts


Selected Publications

Maximum Middle Age


Kirkus Reviews